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Letter to Sam

("... a little piece of practical poetry ...")

Copyright 2003 by Mad Teddy

Each weary day, as on life's way I trundle hith'r and yonder,
I sometimes take a little break, to sit me down and ponder:
"Is it all a game?
Do others feel the same?
Is life like Michael Palin's lot as in 'A Fish Called Wanda'?"

A French fry up each nostril is a sorry way to be;
And you may feel, with such a deal, like yelling out: "WHY ME?"
But if you seek to take revenge, and steam-roll o'er your foes,
You run the risk of getting right up ev'rybody's nose.

So - by and by, before you die, and putrefy and stink,
You ought to pause your endless wars, review your cause, and think:
"Have I done my best?
Or have I been a pest?
Will hist'ry treat me with respect, or flush me down the sink?"

UPDATE, 16th February, 2007

Here's just one verse of a long, rambling thing I wrote a few years ago, which on the face of it has no connection to the above - but bear with me:

On a hot summer's day, when you're driving your Chevy,
And you feel that your eyelids are droopy and heavy,
Just stop for a pause, and ask God why His laws
Are so odd, as enshrined in the book named for Levi.

"Whaaat...?" I hear you cry.

Okay - now visit this web-page, and then maybe you'll see the connection.

Also, while you're at it, check out this one which is on the same website. In fact, have a good look around the entire site. (I've only just begun to go through it, but you can bet I'm going to continue... )

Just a quick quote from that last link - my favourite line from there is as follows:

Blessed are the truth-seekers ... for they
shall be relegated to the Internet.


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