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A very long, long time ago,
There was a girl I used to know.
We'd share a joke, we'd have a laugh -
Sometimes, we'd crease ourselves in half.

But that was in a diff'rent world.
Since then, her sail she has unfurl'd;
And though I see her now and then -
Seems we may never laugh again.

I don't know whether it's my fault.
I never meant to call a halt
To all the mirth we used to share -
We just lost it, somehow, somewhere.

Well, life's about the moving on.
We can't sit dormant, pale and wan,
And wonder where the fun all went,
The humour and the merriment -

But I remember, and still smile,
And think that maybe - in a while -
We might just find a way to patch it
Up, and bury that old hatchet.

Don't ask...

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