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One evening in late June 1996, I went to sleep on our lounge-room settee and had a peculiar dream. I can't remember all the details; but I'm quite sure that at some point, full bags of frozen peas and corn were placed into a microwave oven and set spinning. The result was as messy as you might expect. (Don't ask me what the purpose of this curious exercise was - when do dreams ever make any sense?!)

What's interesting for our purposes here is that the slow rotation of the vegies was accompanied by a persistent, hypnotic little tune. Round and round and round...

As soon as I began to wake up, I had sufficient presence of mind to sit at the computer, fire up Noteworthy Composer, and type in something that sounded pretty much like what I remembered the music from my dream as being like. Over the next day or two, I decided to try to add a touch of realism by ditching the frozen vegetable connection and replacing it with the notion of a cup of lukewarm coffee.

Who among us has never made a cup of coffee, and then become sidetracked and forgotten about it until it has gone almost cold? Fortunately, in these modern times, the solution is simple: stick it in the microwave and zap it for a minute!

- Or, as in this case, 75 seconds. The three squeaks (high B) at the beginning of the piece represent someone pressing 7, 5, and START. The long squeal at the end is the gadget announcing the end of the procedure - and also, mercifully, the end of the silly repetitive little tune.

Here's a link to the midi file, micoffee.mid:

(To save this midi file to your hard disc, right-click here.)

If you'd like to see the musical notation with all the detail I included in the original, you can right-click to download the Noteworthy Composer file, micoffee.nwc . If you go to Noteworthy's website, you can download their freeware Noteworthy Player, which will play the file for you.

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