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Well... sort of.

I'd better come clean. Let's start with the aquatic entry:

For my 44th birthday, a little girl I knew (nine years old at the time) gave me a small white toy stuffed whale she'd made. (She was heavily into making soft toys at the time - and did it very well, too.) In true "Winnie-the-Pooh" fashion, it became necessary to write a song about this little fellow.

(Some time after, she made a little coat for him, so that he wouldn't get too cold when he migrated south. I kid you not - you can see it on the "My Little Whaley" page below. Check it out!)

Almost two years after Whaley came, through a convoluted set of circumstances, we acquired a rabbit (a real one). Very shortly thereafter, another bunny came to live with us. Again, a lyrical composition was in order.

You can read more about these events in the following pages, which also feature words and music for the respective songs.

The third item on this sub-menu, "And the Green Grass Grew Around", may seem familiar to you. It's quite possible that you may, as a little tot, have heard this song - it's a kids' song from way back. What you'll see here is my artistic interpretation.

UPDATE, Tuesday, 24th July 2012

I've now added another link to this menu - this time to a page which is about actual wildlife, among a few other odd bits and pieces. I hope you'll be intrigued...



My Little Whaley

Hello, Little Bun

And the Green Grass Grew Around

Awkward "Fishy" Poem
(added 24-7-2012)

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