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"You're not all that bad-looking yourself, mate!"

This website has been created, beginning in early 2005, on a clunky old Windows 95 computer using 640 x 480 pixel resolution, running Netscape 4.01 (and Internet Explorer 5.5, which I hardly use).

Here you will find text (including some Word 6 documents), graphic images (jpg's, gif's, and an icon), some animated gif's, some movies (mpg's), some DOS BASIC programs (which will run under Quick Basic 4.5 or similar), some DOS BASIC programs compiled into executable programs (.exe format), some music files in .mid and .nwc format, and perhaps a sound effect or two (in .wav or .mp3 format).


To the best of my knowledge, everything here is virus-free. However, no-one can ever be absolutely sure; things may happen to files in transit.

If you have any doubts, it's a good idea to save a file to disc first (using the right-click facility of Netscape, for example), and then do a virus-check on your computer before opening the file - rather than opening it directly within your browser.


As far as content that I've generated myself is concerned (pictures, animations, music files, word-processed documents, BASIC programs etc.), I very much doubt that there's anything that could cause damage to your computer system, any more than similar material from other sources.

However, no guarantees! If you download items from this site, it's entirely your choice to do so; if something odd does happen to your system as a direct result, I can't and won't accept any liability. (Having said that, I do sincerely believe that I've done all I can reasonably be expected to do with regard to security.) In the final analysis, it's up to you to vet anything that finds its way onto your computer.

Among these pages, there are many links to pages on other websites. These all "worked" when I wrote my pages; but there is no guarantee that they always will. I can't be held responsible in such cases; however, if you find a link that doesn't "work", feel free to contact me and inform me of the fact - and I'll check it out and attempt a "repair job".

On this website, you won't find any Javascript, frames, or other annoying gimmicks. Most importantly: you won't need to have cookies switched on.

I have kept it simple, because I believe that the content is far more important than the container.


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(As mentioned, these pages contain many links to pages on other websites. As far as possible, these sites are readable by "any browser" - or, at least, I can make sense of them with Netscape 4.01. Again, however, no guarantees! Sometimes I may find it unavoidable to bend my own rules in this regard.)

UPDATE, Wednesday, 24th February 2010

I've recently become aware that some of my longer and/or more complex pages don't load and display as they should under some of the more modern browsers. I'm presently trying to figure out why this should be the case, and to address the issue with a view to "fixing" the problem; in the meantime, may I suggest that you use an older browser such as Internet Explorer 6, which - as far as I'm aware - does "work" properly with all my pages. (If you find otherwise - again, perhaps you'd be good enough to contact me and make me aware of the situation.)

I have made every effort to have this website ready for launch by 10th July, 2006, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), pictured (right) at age 23 in 1879, and (left) in his classic pose, in 1882.

The reason for the "Tesla connection" will, I hope, become clear to you as you explore the site.

HOORAY - website uploaded on 5th July, 2006!

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UPDATE :   10th July, 2006

Tesla's 150th birthday!

During a very hectic week, I've managed to get this website up and running in time for the big day.

Many thanks to my internet friends who have helped me to get (hopefully!) most of the bugs and glitches out of these pages. You're a bunch of champions!

I now declare this website officially launched.

This website is quite large, and contains a lot of material. (In fact, not only does it have everything but the kitchen sink - it actually contains that too! See if you can find it.)

However, it's still a work in progress, with no definite end in sight. Do please check back from time to time - you never know what may have been added since your last visit.

Come on in!