A few preliminaries

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A few preliminaries

Please bear with me for just a few more moments before jumping in - there are a few important matters to attend to first.


I maintain copyright over all original material on this site. You are welcome to grab anything you like, store it on your computer, archive it, even use it on your own web-pages - with a few provisos:


If you do use any of my stuff on your own web-page, please be good enough to acknowledge where it came from, and include a link to my home page:



I absolutely forbid any use of my material in any commercial context. This is a free site; every original thing on it is to remain free.


In cases where material is not my own, but is taken from other sources and possibly not in the public domain, you would need to obtain permission from those sources if you wish to use such material in anything you publish yourself (for example, your own web-pages).

While on the subject: you will notice that I have included, here and there, some scans of the front covers of various books relevant to particular topics. In each case, I have made a genuine effort to contact the publisher, the author, and/or the cover artist to request permission to do this, and I have acknowledged the source when I have been successful.

Sometimes, the books are out of print. In some cases, the publisher seems to have disappeared completely, and/or the book itself contains insufficient information to enable me to request the relevant permission. If you are an interested party, and if you'd like acknowledgement or (perhaps) payment for the cover to appear in my pages - or even if you want it removed completely - please contact me, and I'll be happy to oblige.

There are many animated gif's in this website. Some of these are my own work, but some I have downloaded from websites which offer them as freeware; in every such case, clicking on the animation will take you to the page on which I found it. (Note: these are not "hotlinks" to the animations themselves, but true links to the relevant pages, included to give credit to the animations' origins. UPDATE, 23rd March 2007: There is now one exception to this; in my page about the moon, there is a hotlink to a regularly updated picture thereof - but my belief is that it's not frowned upon in this instance.)


Among these pages, you will find descriptions of home-made projects. Some of these involve potentially dangerous procedures and phenomena, including high-voltage electricity.

If you decide to build similar projects yourself, there is a risk of fire, personal injury, or death. Worse still, you might annoy the neighbours.

Any risk you take is yours alone. I cannot and will not be held responsible for any problems you cause. I strongly recommend that you "bone up" on electrical safety before undertaking any such activity. You will find some links in these pages which will give you some help; however, it is up to you to read further if need be, to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

Finally, if you really don't feel confident, you're probably better off not embarking on this type of activity at all. You can still get a vicarious thrill by just reading the relevant pages!


OKAY - let's get started!

When I first launched this site in early July 2006, there was only one link here - to my MAIN MENU page. However, a lot has happened since then; in particular, the issue of climate change has begun to loom very large indeed.

As a direct result, I have now decided (Tuesday, 24th April 2007) to make a point of drawing special attention to a certain page under my "Electrical stuff" sub-menu - the one dealing with Zero-point energy - by including a direct link to that page right here. (You can still go in via the main menu, if you'd rather.)

UPDATE, Friday, 10th July 2009 (Nikola Tesla's 153rd birthday): As of today, there is now a lot more in this site about ZPE than there was originally. Since mid-to-late 2008, I have been involved in my own research project into the matter, and I've included several new pages about it under a new menu page which is accessible within the original ZPE page. Please, do check out this new material.

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