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This page added on Friday, 18th September 2009

I've decided that the time has come to tidy this website up a bit. Since early 2008, I've been writing pages (some of which qualify as "rants", or perhaps "growls") on various subjects, and simply dumping their links onto my Main Menu page - to the point where it became big, messy, and untidy (probably a bit like moi, I suppose). There were 16 links on that Main Menu page - enough to put any self-respecting net-surfer off!

So I thought that the best thing to do was to transfer those fairly recently-added links into a new menu - along with the links to a couple of older growls which have been here since not long after I launched the site in mid-2006. That's what I've done here. (There's now a link to this new menu on the Main Menu.)


In case you don't know what "ursine" means, may I invite you to click here and/or here to get an idea of what I'm on about. (Both those web-pages refer to constellations visible in the Northern Hemisphere, so that I can't see them from down here in the Land of Oz.)

- Or, alternatively, you could just look it up in the dictionary! (I know I'm a pain, but I just hope you'll bear with me...)




All that glisters...

It's still not easy being green

...Can the new millenium really begin,
(added 4th March, 2008)

Strange days indeed...
(added 6th October, 2008)

...and so this is Christmas...
(added 21st December, 2008)

2251 + 1  =  741
(added 17th January, 2009)

On the spectrum
(added 10th July, 2009)

Shadows on the wall
(added 30th September, 2009)

...  Who  Tube ???
(added 6th April, 2010)

Charabanc ride
(added 21st June, 2010)

Goodbye, 2010 -
where to from here?

(added 24th December, 2010)

Down the rabbit-hole
(added 10th April, 2011)

Sixes and sevens
(and a few related quantities)

(added 20th August, 2011)

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