My Little Whaley Flies Under the Ocean

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My Little Whaley Flies Under the Ocean

Copyright 2000 by Mad Teddy

"What a silly title for a song!" I hear you cry. "Whales don't fly - they swim!"

Well, I'm not arguing - but the lyrics for this song drew some of their inspiration from "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean". And that's all the explanation you are going to get!

When a little girl I knew gave this little chap to me, I used to make her laugh by holding him and moving him around in a slightly hyperactive way while singing a silly little tune that seemed to suit the mood. That tune became the basis for the musical content of the song presented here. The reference to looping the loop is directly related to the way I moved the whale around, much to the delight of its creator.

A few months later, she made another toy whale - a blue one, this time. I couldn't resist the temptation to give this character a guest appearance on this page - along with yet another somewhat whale-like object which you may recognize from elsewhere in this website. Here they are:

Okay - before this page gets any sillier, perhaps it's time to present the goods.

Here is the link to the music, whaley.mid. You can have this playing in the background while you follow the lyrics below. (To save this midi file to your hard disc, right-click here.)

If you'd like to see the musical notation in addition to the lyrics while listening to the song, you can right-click to download the Noteworthy Composer file, whaley.nwc . If you go to Noteworthy's website , you can download their freeware Noteworthy Player, which will play the file for you.


All set? Here we go:


My little Whaley flies under the Ocean,
My little Whaley flies under the sea.
If you see my little Whaley,
Please send him home to me.

My little Whaley likes to swim around,
My little Whaley never runs aground -
Leaps tall waves in a single bound!
He's very clever, you see.

My little Whaley loves to loop the loop,
My little Whaley likes octopus soup.
My heart is heavy since he flew the coop,
Saying he wanted to be free.

My little Whaley said he'll come back soon.
When he does I'll be over the moon,
So pat his little taily and sing him this tune -
Then he'll come home to me!

My little Whaley sent a message to say
He'd be coming home today,
So down to the shore I'll wend my way
To welcome my wand'rer from the sea!


ADDENDUM, 2nd January, 2006

Well, Christmas 2005 has just been and gone; and guess what? I've been presented with another aquatic li'l pal! Here he is:

... and it's been made quite clear to me that another song is required!

I'm still waiting for the muse to inspire - stay tuned!

(The gang's all here...)

ADDENDUM #2, 24th March, 2007

You've guessed it - for Christmas 2006, I received another whaley - a purple one this time! What with one thing and another, I haven't been able to get around to adding this character to the page until now; but better late than never...

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