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The Wheelie Bin Song

Copyright 2002 by Mad Teddy

I used to have a wheelie bin,
But then my neighbour kicked it in
Because he couldn't tolerate the flies
That hung around the lid all day,
And never seemed to go away -
So now I'm going to give him a surprise!

Er - that's all there is of it, so far! After an initial burst of inspiration, "poet's palsy" set in; I couldn't even figure out the last line! At that point, someone I knew came to the rescue, as you see above.

It needs to go further. It wants to go further. The seed for a really good yarn has been sown here. But I can't figure out how to continue!

Would you like to contribute? Can you imagine what might happen next, and perhaps pen a few lines yourself?

If you'd like to have an input, contact me with your ideas; if what you write is suitable, I'll include it and give you credit, if you'd like. This could be a first - an internet-based poetical collaboration. The sky's the limit!

UPDATE, 10th July 2006

(the official launch date of this website)

Well - this is excellent. I've had my first contribution! Click here to read more.

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