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Miscellaneous poetical ramblings

Sometimes, it just happens.

It could be anywhere - driving along in the car; walking through a supermarket car-park; heating up some beans in a saucepan; or even lying flat on my back: occasionally, ideas just come. A few words start running around in my head, and I'll think: "That sounds like the first line of a poem!"

It's strange; but trying to generate a poem from nothing rarely, if ever, works. For some reason, you need that spark - and then the creative juices start to flow, and words may tumble out almost unbidden. Occasionally, I may be stuck for a suitable word; that's when "The Poet's Manual and Rhyming Dictionary" by Frances Stillman (given to me many years ago by my parents as a Christmas present, I think) becomes invaluable.

Here, then, are just a few of the results of such inspiration. Make of them what you will.




On Depriving Oneself of Sleep

The Wheelie Bin Song

Programmer's Lament

The Limerick Song

Black or White?

The Big Wet


Letter to Sam

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