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Programmer's Lament

Copyright December 1995 by Mad Teddy

Real programmers don't like Windows -
They think Windows is a Pane!
"Icons?" - "Mice??" - and "Pull-Down Menus???"

Long ago, in days of yore,
"Beeb" and Commodore 64
Were machines we took to heart,
Learning the great Programmers' Art!

BASIC and Assembly Code
Rule OK! (Here ends my ode.)

If you live in Tasmania, you may know that the "Beeb" mentioned above refers to the BBC Microcomputer, which was widely used in Tasmanian state schools during the mid-to-late 1980's, and even into the early '90's. (In other parts of the world, this type of computer is known by its more generic name, Acorn.)

By the way - there's another page in this website, containing some of my own mathematically-based computer graphics, in which I elaborate on the thoughts expressed above. (Scroll about halfway down that page.)

(If you'd like to save the midi file, prog_lam.mid, to your hard drive, you can right-click here.)

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