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It's fun to play with words. They have their own rhythms; sometimes they rhyme with each other; sometimes they go well together; and sometimes they sound odd together (which is the ideal requirement for jokes and puns).

Armed with my trusty copy of "The Poet's Manual and Rhyming Dictionary" by Frances Stillman (Thames and Hudson, first published in 1966), I've been writing my own brand of poetry for some time now, and I've decided it will be edifying for you to have the chance to read some of it here.

If you've had a bit of a look around this website already, you'll know that I'm a sensitive chap who could only be expected to spin words together in a way that might move people's souls. So, if you want to have your soul pushed around a bit, you're in the right place!

I've also found, in recent years, that I have the ability to compose music. I have a registered copy of Noteworthy Composer, an excellent easy-to-use music notation program for the PC. You can play .nwc files produced by the program using Noteworthy's freeware Noteworthy Player. These files can show both music and song lyrics. In case you can't make use of this for whatever reason, I've included the music as .mid files, and all the lyrics to my songs within these pages.

Again, knowing my nature, you'd expect my music to be - well, uplifting.

Of course, there's no accounting for taste; so don't blame me if you find otherwise...





Miscellaneous poetical ramblings

Various musical adventures

There are two other poetical items on this website; each of these is located in a different area, for a particular reason.

The first, "PARADOX", is by another poet, and can be accessed from within my Mathematical stuff menu.

The second, a song written by myself, is entitled "The Loan Sharks". It can be found by going to my Why is Mad Teddy Mad? page, and clicking on the first link you find there.

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